Custom Made Shirts & Suits of Quality & Taste Since 1979

Custom Made Shirts & Suits of Quality & Taste Since 1979


About Us

John Robert Custom Shirts and Suits of Westfield, N.J. believes in quality clothes that are made to fit, feel and look right.

The term “custom-made” means a paper pattern (based on an individual’s measurements) is drafted by hand. This pattern is used as a template to cut the customer’s order. This method is used for both shirts and suits­ – and is very rare!

Careful attention is paid to the gentleman’s proportions, posture and unique specifications.

Consideration of the customer’s lifestyle is primary. Preferences and taste from the corporate suit, shirt and necktie, the weekend sport jacket or the distinctive ensemble for the social event are what make the wardrobe practical and interesting.

Quality is maintained in all aspects – material, make, fit and style.

Custom Made Suits

The Measurements. Overarm, chest, waist, seat, shoulder, major balance, proportion, coat length.

The Style. Natural shoulder, “shirt shoulder,” English shoulder, rope shoulder, lapel shape, center vent, side vent, button stance.

Try-On Fitting. Each order is hand chalked using the customer’s paper pattern, scissor cut. Components are basted together for “raw try-on” fitting. After analysis, corrections are made at the factory.

The Make. Sewn canvas fronts (no glue). Collars, sleeves, lapels and vents are hand finished.

The Cloth. English and Italian wools. Staple cloths are 2 by 2 weaves 100’s and 120’s for long life and performance.

The Result. True fit, superior cloth, fine tailoring, careful styling, add up to a flattering effect with the right expression.


  • Custom Made Shirts
  • Custom Made Suits
  • Custom Made Neckties
  • Creating an entire work wardrobe design

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