Custom Made Shirts & Suits of Quality & Taste Since 1979

Custom Made Shirts & Suits of Quality & Taste Since 1979


Custom Made Neckties

The necktie is more than a band of cloth. When a necktie is just right it makes the ideal knot, it is proportioned for the wearer’s collar style and flows to his belt buckle.

Custom-made neckties are crafted with care and precision. They are made to specified length and blade shape, designed for one’s knot preference (four-in-hand, half Windsor or full Windsor). The silk is bias cut from one’s individual paper pattern. They are made with an all wool interlining. The spine is hand slip-stitched for stability and ease for knot tying and drape. The final details – hand sewn bar tacks and self-loop.

The silk designs are from traditional stripes and neats to fashion looks. The man’s necktie is where color, pattern and texture finish the desired expression.

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John Robert of Westfield

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